Whether you are involved in the construction of commercial or residential real estate as a builder, operator, or investor, ensuring safety, integrity, and durability is paramount. CODE-A's experts are here to support you throughout the project realization process and even after project completion. We assist in maintaining the quality and safety of your assets while they are in service. Meeting international and national standards for energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and fire safety in buildings can be challenging. That's why we offer a range of services to support technical system safety in buildings. We can attest that all aspects of your building project are safe, from the planning and design stages to installation and ongoing service. Our experts offer monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems, identifying risks and providing important insights and recommendations. With our experience and reliability, you can benefit from our services to ensure the successful realization of your construction projects.

The Range of Services Offered in the Sector Includes

Project Management

CODE-A provides comprehensive project management services to ensure the successful execution of your construction projects. We oversee the planning, coordination, and implementation of all project activities, from initial design to final completion. Our experts ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and in compliance with relevant regulations and quality standards.

Site Supervision During Construction

Our experts offer on-site supervision during the construction phase to monitor progress, ensure adherence to construction plans and specifications, and address any issues or deviations promptly. We conduct regular site visits, inspections, and quality control checks to maintain construction quality and address potential risks or concerns.

pollution levels and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Expert Reports for Every Phase of Construction

CODE-A prepares detailed expert reports for each phase of construction, providing comprehensive documentation and assessments of the project's progress, compliance, and quality. These reports serve as valuable references for stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making and ensuring transparency throughout the construction process.

Risk Quality Assurance for Structural and Technical Facilities

We conduct risk assessments and quality assurance activities for structural and technical facilities to identify potential risks and ensure compliance with safety standards. Our experts evaluate the structural integrity, durability, and performance of building systems, recommending measures to mitigate risks and improve overall quality.

Assessments and Expert Evaluation in Foundation Engineering

CODE-A offers assessments and expert evaluations in foundation engineering, assessing soil conditions, foundation design, and construction techniques. We provide expert recommendations to optimize foundation performance, ensure stability, and mitigate potential risks associated with soil movement or settlement.

Plans in Construction and Quality Assurance

Our experts review construction plans, specifications, and documentation to ensure compliance with design intent, regulations, and quality standards. We conduct thorough quality assurance checks to verify that construction processes and materials meet the required standards, promoting the delivery of a high-quality end product.

By availing our Project Management & Supervision services, you can rely on our expertise to ensure the successful execution of your construction projects. We provide comprehensive support, monitoring, and expert evaluations throughout the construction process, helping you achieve your goals of quality, safety, and compliance.